Nov 17, 2011

Naruto Shippuden Movie: The Lost Tower

This 4th movie of Naruto Shippuden just satisfied my time travelling wants, especially on the issue of Naruto meeting his dad. Being able to talk to the 4th Hokage, though during that time it still wasn't bestowed upon him the honor, it felt like we are finally getting to know him some more. I think we missed the chance to get to know the said character, what with him being already gone by the beginning of the series. No one could argue how great this man was, and based on this movie, he was indeed great, even way before he became Hokage.

We also met in this movie the young Kakashi. No, it's not new. But what's fun is having Yamato there, and being able to hit him back for all the ''bullying'' Kakashi has done in the years to come. So cool! And Kakashi back then is sort of snobbish, so yeah, he deserves it. :)


  1. do you have its link for the movie? free download..

  2. Hi! I just downloaded using torrent. You can also watch through streaming at some naruto sites. :)