Aug 2, 2015

Krystal As Lee Bo Na

Strict Beauty Regimen

Krystal's role as Lee Bo Na in The Heirs was the best character in the show for me. At first I was kinda annoyed because she seemed to be the clingy, jealous girlfriend of our female protagonist's guy friend. But as the show progressed and the said female protagonist didn't live up to expectations, the supporting cast shone and held the show together (in my opinion). If not for these guys (particularly Bo Na) I would have stopped watching after 3-4 episodes.

Lee Bo Na was still clingy and jealous. But she's become the cute and funny and amusing kind of clingy and jealous. I guess it also helps that her boyfriend (the guy friend of our lead female) didn't take it too seriously and just laughed and teased and went with the flow.

I guess I am more into light rom-coms instead of the heavy us-against-the-world kind of drama that The Heirs falls under. But then, Hana Yori Dango also has that kind of story line and it was an absolute joy to watch because it's more comedy than a drama.

Anyway before I take the Hana Dan tangent and make a run for it, let's go back to Krystal. I've yet to watch her in another show, although I kinda suspected it was her on that one drama on tv that I didn't pay any attention to because it's dubbed in Filipino. I might have to search for it to confirm and maybe find a source to watch it subbed in English instead.

On a last note, Krystal's look in The Heirs isn't how we normally see her in her music videos with co-F(x) members because she rocks the punky trendsetter look there, but this more tame, more girly look (which she also rocks on ads and other shows) is very appealing to me because her natural beauty shows through and also because it's something we could easily emulate on a day to day basis. :D

It's safe to say that Krystal is one of my beauty and fashion icons.