Nov 30, 2015

When The Rich Brat Wants To Make Up

Who wouldn't pity him when you find him standing outside your house with that apologetic look? But then, instead of apologizing, he'd say:

Hahahaha! You'll definitely blurt a big "Eh?" and have a "are you crazy?" look too.

And then the ultimatum. Hahahaha.

Not to mention that he's grabbing your arm when he's spouting these nonsense. Totally no apologizing and forgiving and making up in this situation.

In all fairness, Makino shouldn't have tried walking past him which prompted Domyouji to grab her arm. These two should really need to learn to "talk" despite all the crazy. And by crazy, I mean Domyouji's stupid nonsensical demands. She should try reading between the lines and understand that Domyouji wasn't raised right, therefore he lacked some EQ that would have molded him into a normal loving human. Somehow, his words may sound rough but they do come from his heart. He has good intentions (but only when he truly cares :/ ).

*Hana Yori Dango*

Oct 19, 2015

Craziest Love Triangle

I hated him because he can be so annoying, but he can also be so funny. This is one of those times.

At the beginning of the show, our lead girl Joo Jang Mi was dating this dude (forgotten his name). She was planning on proposing to him, and him being just playing the field, he escaped the "proposal situation" and hid from her since. Jang Mi searched for him everywhere and his mom thought she's a stalker. So she filed a case against Jang Mi for stalking. Haha.

That was just the beginning of the drama. This dude isn't even the lead guy nor the other guy. Let's just say he's the 3rd guy in a love square with Jang Mi, but who later on in the show got involved with another girl and have his own love complications.

Show: Marriage, Not Dating

Aug 2, 2015

Krystal As Lee Bo Na

Strict Beauty Regimen

Krystal's role as Lee Bo Na in The Heirs was the best character in the show for me. At first I was kinda annoyed because she seemed to be the clingy, jealous girlfriend of our female protagonist's guy friend. But as the show progressed and the said female protagonist didn't live up to expectations, the supporting cast shone and held the show together (in my opinion). If not for these guys (particularly Bo Na) I would have stopped watching after 3-4 episodes.

Lee Bo Na was still clingy and jealous. But she's become the cute and funny and amusing kind of clingy and jealous. I guess it also helps that her boyfriend (the guy friend of our lead female) didn't take it too seriously and just laughed and teased and went with the flow.

I guess I am more into light rom-coms instead of the heavy us-against-the-world kind of drama that The Heirs falls under. But then, Hana Yori Dango also has that kind of story line and it was an absolute joy to watch because it's more comedy than a drama.

Anyway before I take the Hana Dan tangent and make a run for it, let's go back to Krystal. I've yet to watch her in another show, although I kinda suspected it was her on that one drama on tv that I didn't pay any attention to because it's dubbed in Filipino. I might have to search for it to confirm and maybe find a source to watch it subbed in English instead.

On a last note, Krystal's look in The Heirs isn't how we normally see her in her music videos with co-F(x) members because she rocks the punky trendsetter look there, but this more tame, more girly look (which she also rocks on ads and other shows) is very appealing to me because her natural beauty shows through and also because it's something we could easily emulate on a day to day basis. :D

It's safe to say that Krystal is one of my beauty and fashion icons.

Jul 26, 2015

She Doesn't Need Your Pity

It's true. I think it's common and fairly easy to pity someone like Nodame. I know it would seem like alms to give her money, but with the way she clings to Chiaki just to get a chance to be fed, I think it's safe to say that she won't be offended when you do give her money. :)

Apr 18, 2015


If it were up to me, I would have watched the k-drama from start to finish in just two days instead of the two weeks it took us to do it. We watched it on my sis' laptop and it was a family viewing with my sis and I and my mom and niece. With four people involved, we have to set up a schedule that would suit everyone.

It's good. There were moments when I would have kept on watching if it was only me who's watching. :D

When my sis mentioned this show, I thought it's a medical kind of show. Healer right? But it isn't that kind of show. "Healer" is actually an alias for a "night errand" boy. He is actually pretty skilled; and with the help of a genius hacker, he is set.

He does however has a girl associate, who although they disregard often, helps them quite well when in a pinch.

They cast is awesome. They act really well and they all look really good too. Nothing puts me off more than less-than-cute actors acting all cutesy.

That main antagonist though (we call him Marcos because he so looks like him) is pretty scary. I'm not sure if it was solely for his acting skills or because we associated him with Marcos. Hmmm. That guy - Moon Sik (his character) is among the scariest in my opinion because he has been lying for so long that he has started to believe in his lies. In his eyes he has done no wrong. Plus, he is backed by some pretty powerful people, and that is why it is difficult and scary to fight with him.

The ending was a little vague. I wish I knew more of what happened to the power behind Moon Sik, and to Moon Sik himself. I think he's gone completely bonkers, but I guess it's just me and the culture of Filipino drama of showing the downfall of enemies. :D Even j-doramas have a peaceful ending to their stories.

The romance part of the story is nice too. Nothing stiff nor cringe-worthy nor awkward. I guess I can describe it as cute.

A Korean drama with lots of action and suspense, with a little bit of romance and comedy, and some pretty good technology. ;) Watch it if you're into any of that.

Apr 15, 2015

Now Searching...

...for that bloody cellphone in Healer (k-drama). Why does this always happen to me? Why do I always get attracted to a piece of gadget esp a cellphone? Gahhh!

What attracted me is the cute casing and I wanna know which unit it is attached to. Hmmm.

This is what it looks like from the back. I thought it's a Samsung since in The Heirs all their phones are Samsung (just the same unit actually - S5?) so I thought it might be the same for this drama. But sadly, after looking at Samsung phones and accessories, it isn't. My next guess is LG since that's a Korean brand too.

OMG! It's this! Isn't it so cute?! That front cover slides downwards and then can be turned towards the back so what you will have in your hands is your typical full screen smart phone. But when the cover's closed, it looks like this. I don't know how protective it'll be with part of the screen exposed like that, but it's too damn cute! I want one!

This kind of cover is a better option I guess compared to a flip cover where the front cover gets in the way of your typing or playing or making a call. This cover can be be made to flip to the back securely so it won't be limply hanging from the side of your gadget.

Argh! It is indeed an LG. Here, read more about them, finally found a source.

Now the next question: Where do I find one to try? Hmmmm.

Mar 29, 2015

This Is The Moment

This is the moment... korean, korean, korean *just singing with the show's theme show*

This is the moment Kim Tan fell in love with Cha Eun Sang. Looking down from above her while she was staring at the distance with the wind and sun on her face and hair.

But I'm sorry Kim Tan. I don't feel it. No amount of breeze and sun and carefree-ness will make me fall in love with her. This facial expression isn't going to tug at any of my heart strings. I don't even pity her with everything she is going through.

I even began to get annoyed with the theme songs - This is the moment!!! - Love is feeling... feeling... feeling...

It's like they're pushing the idea too much when I don't even feel it!!!

Feb 17, 2015

Hunter X Hunter Plushies Please

These toys featured on Hunter X Hunter of the characters within the show is too cute to not take a screenshot of. Please let there be real toys. I want them all. :D

I'm a fan of Killua, but why does Killua look so weird here? Hahaha. It doesn't look like him at all.

And I can't find Hisoka. Can you spot him? Maybe on the other side of the trunk.

The Chairman isn't here too. And Beans. :)

Feb 15, 2015

The Heirs

The Heirs, one of my mom's fave because she's a fan of Lee Min Ho. I know, weird. As for me, I don't like it. I have quite a lot of rants about this. The only saving grace of this show is the performance of the supporting cast.

The lead roles are a bore. The girl (forgot her name) looks blank the entire length of the show. When she cries or sad (pretty much her emotion the entire show), when she's in love, or happy, or even when she is being kissed by the lead guy, she looks basically the same.

Lee Min Ho (the lead guy) also looks boring or bored when with her. You can notice that when he's interacting with the supporting cast that his demeanor changes, he lights up and is genuinely being funny or cute. Lead girl basically drains the aura out of him. :/

Lee Min Ho being emotionless when lead girl is around. And I don't like this bangs and tan on him. He looks way better without them. Way way better without the bangs.

 One-look wonder. You wonder why she looks basically the same in every situation.

 A measly $50 got more emotion out of Kim Tan (Lee) than the girl.

The supporting cast is having a party here. Their segment is really more fun than the main story.

Choi Young Do's answer sheet for the midterm exams.

 Choi Young Do's test paper during exam.

Choi Young Do's rank in class. Dang it! Hahahaha. Either he got somewhat lucky with his answers, or Kim Tan is really that dumb.

Choi Young Do snorts at finding out. Nyahaha.

This story kinda reminds me of Hana Dan (F4 - depends on which version you've seen). Rich guy, poor girl, rich guy's school.

But Hana Dan was more fun than this. All the girl here has ever done was cry. Boohoo! Hana Yori Dango was very amusing whichever scene you watch: the leads (couple), the F4, schoolmates, girl's friends/workplace, her family...

The Heirs failed to entertain me. The only thing I am grateful for is that I've discovered Krystal (Lee Bo Na). I've realized after watching that I really enjoyed her performance and that I like her. :D

Amused X Worried

The difference in expressions between the two royal guards when perceiving a possible threat

Even among the ever loyal royal guards of the chimera ant king there is a difference in personalities. Shaiapouf is the serious one, very analyzing. Neferpitou on the other hand can easily be distracted and always on the alert for something amusing to do.

The third royal guard, Menthuthuyoupi, is someone who really doesn't give much thought to things, but relies on his brute strength.

I'm quite envious of Pitou's personality. I'm sure she never gets bored.

In the end, I think only Pouf's personality remained unchanged.

Feb 14, 2015

Dumber Than Domyouji

If you believe the stupid things Domyouji Tsukasa says, then you're more stupid than him!

You're his friend, you should know better than to believe him. LOL.

These guys' skipping school is really showing the effects.