Apr 14, 2011


Deathnote the anime was a bit too long for me. I had watched Deathnote live action a few years ago and it was perfect. The suspense was enough to keep me interested but at the same time it didn't seem as if the author was just playing a trick on us. It did seem like a Filipino drama that they would put a twist for twist sake. There were many boring parts in the anime, especially the part about the business group Fukushima. And I hated that L died. I just hated it. I loved L and no one could replace him for me. It was indeed nice that there was someone, but he wasn't enough to amuse me.

Maybe I'm just biased because I've watched the live action first. And I am still wondering if I would be reacting differently have I watched the anime first.

Anyway Light's death was satisfying, although sad. And Misa's ending gave me the feeling of dejavu with Liar Game (same actress on live action). (Read review here) She survived. She's lucky. Ignorance could actually save you. And quoting my liar game review - There is still hope for her.


  1. I disagree actually, I preferred the anime to the live action movie, both were good but the movie lacked alot of the substance that the anime had that could only have been brought about with time (for character development and whatnot).

  2. Oh. Maybe I was just biased then because I watched the movie first.
    Thanks for sharing your opinion.