Nov 4, 2011

Hunter X Hunter 2011 Remake

They remade Hunter X Hunter, and I've heard that it is following the old story, which is good because I don't like remakes to be of another story line, or else they should title it fan-fic not remake, right?

Anyway, they say (or hope) that this Hunter X Hunter would have an ending because the original Hunter didn't have one as they've said that the mangaka had passed away during the making of the story.

I have watched the new Hunter. It indeed does have the same story line, so far. It is still up to the 4th episode. They have compacted the story though, because when I watched the original, the story on the fourth is already on the 7th episode.

There are minor changes on the new ones. Like for example in the old anime Leorio took the bus before finding out that it was a trap, so he followed Gon and Kurapica up the mountain where the captain of the ship had advised them to go. In the new anime, Leorio was about to go to the bus when he heard some men gossip that it was a trap that's why he turned around and went with Gon and Kurapica instead. Maybe this is the reason why 7 episodes turned into 4, they have made shortcuts to the story though still keeping the main events.

Four episodes weren't enough for me, that's why I'm now catching up with the old/original Hunter X Hunter. I'd probably write a review in a few weeks. :)

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