Apr 18, 2015


If it were up to me, I would have watched the k-drama from start to finish in just two days instead of the two weeks it took us to do it. We watched it on my sis' laptop and it was a family viewing with my sis and I and my mom and niece. With four people involved, we have to set up a schedule that would suit everyone.

It's good. There were moments when I would have kept on watching if it was only me who's watching. :D

When my sis mentioned this show, I thought it's a medical kind of show. Healer right? But it isn't that kind of show. "Healer" is actually an alias for a "night errand" boy. He is actually pretty skilled; and with the help of a genius hacker, he is set.

He does however has a girl associate, who although they disregard often, helps them quite well when in a pinch.

They cast is awesome. They act really well and they all look really good too. Nothing puts me off more than less-than-cute actors acting all cutesy.

That main antagonist though (we call him Marcos because he so looks like him) is pretty scary. I'm not sure if it was solely for his acting skills or because we associated him with Marcos. Hmmm. That guy - Moon Sik (his character) is among the scariest in my opinion because he has been lying for so long that he has started to believe in his lies. In his eyes he has done no wrong. Plus, he is backed by some pretty powerful people, and that is why it is difficult and scary to fight with him.

The ending was a little vague. I wish I knew more of what happened to the power behind Moon Sik, and to Moon Sik himself. I think he's gone completely bonkers, but I guess it's just me and the culture of Filipino drama of showing the downfall of enemies. :D Even j-doramas have a peaceful ending to their stories.

The romance part of the story is nice too. Nothing stiff nor cringe-worthy nor awkward. I guess I can describe it as cute.

A Korean drama with lots of action and suspense, with a little bit of romance and comedy, and some pretty good technology. ;) Watch it if you're into any of that.

Apr 15, 2015

Now Searching...

...for that bloody cellphone in Healer (k-drama). Why does this always happen to me? Why do I always get attracted to a piece of gadget esp a cellphone? Gahhh!

What attracted me is the cute casing and I wanna know which unit it is attached to. Hmmm.

This is what it looks like from the back. I thought it's a Samsung since in The Heirs all their phones are Samsung (just the same unit actually - S5?) so I thought it might be the same for this drama. But sadly, after looking at Samsung phones and accessories, it isn't. My next guess is LG since that's a Korean brand too.

OMG! It's this! Isn't it so cute?! That front cover slides downwards and then can be turned towards the back so what you will have in your hands is your typical full screen smart phone. But when the cover's closed, it looks like this. I don't know how protective it'll be with part of the screen exposed like that, but it's too damn cute! I want one!

This kind of cover is a better option I guess compared to a flip cover where the front cover gets in the way of your typing or playing or making a call. This cover can be be made to flip to the back securely so it won't be limply hanging from the side of your gadget.

Argh! It is indeed an LG. Here, read more about them, finally found a source. http://www.androidcentral.com/lg-aka-cute-creepy-i-dont-care-i-want-one

Now the next question: Where do I find one to try? Hmmmm.