Mar 8, 2012

Poker Face

I've read this in one of my friend's blog: My Anime Lounge, and I just have to share. Funny how his mind works. :)

Anime characters known from wearing a poker face!

#1 On the list is Karasuma Ooji of school rumble
#2. Ulquirra of Bleach
#3. Shino from Naruto
#4. Irumi of Hunterxhunter
#5. Kaname Kuran of Vampire knight
#6.Tezuka of Prince of Tennis for sure he doesn’t show his emotion
#7. L of death note
#8. Heero yuy of Gundam wing
#9. Kazuya Shibuya of Ghost hunt
#10. Last but not the least Hisoka as well of Hunterxhunter

Who would have thought that someone is actually looking at occurance like these while watching anime?

Mar 4, 2012

Beelzebub: Naked Demon Baby

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Can't the baby get some clothes on? Oh, he's been that way from the 1st episode till the last. Oh wait, I haven't watched all the episodes yet. Skipped some I think and haven't finished till the end, but trust me he's always naked as a baby. Oh wait, he is a baby. lol!

This anime's funny. But not something I look forward to watching. It's okay to pass the time with though.

It's about a human delinquent whom the Demon Lord had found to be fitting to raise his son.

It's funny. Here, Beelbo the demon baby was sleep-peeing a river. lol!