Oct 27, 2010

Chronicles of Narnia

I have read all the Narnia books and I have to say it is very beautiful. I even recommended these books to my sister. ^_^ She doesn't like Prince Caspian so it took a lot of urging to get her a bit excited about it.

I have divulged to her some spoilers from the 7 books, but I don't like spoilers and I don't want to spoil your excitement. hehe. But, a few months after reading the books, I could still feel that awe when I think about the story. Remember the professor who owned the manor where the children lived? He acted a little weird right? Well, he is linked to Narnia too! He knows Narnia, in more ways than you could ever imagine! And Jadis the witch? (from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) She has met the professor too. And when they first met, it wasn't in Narnia.

Okay, I'm already giving spoilers when I said I wouldn't. But these books just get me so excited. If you like fantasy fiction, like Harry Potter or Twilight, then you'd surely love this one. Though I think this is more on the line with Lord of the Rings, a higher form of fantasy, because it has that serious feel to it, and the setting is of another world which co-existed with ours. Harry and Twilight's setting is just in this world but hidden from mere mortals.

If you have read Narnia and loved it, the third movie will be released this December. I wonder why I haven't heard about it. There wasn't much fuss like in Harry Potter and Twilight. :( I just found out after I searched for pictures to use in this post.

So, movie's coming up. I'm so giddy!