Feb 17, 2015

Hunter X Hunter Plushies Please

These toys featured on Hunter X Hunter of the characters within the show is too cute to not take a screenshot of. Please let there be real toys. I want them all. :D

I'm a fan of Killua, but why does Killua look so weird here? Hahaha. It doesn't look like him at all.

And I can't find Hisoka. Can you spot him? Maybe on the other side of the trunk.

The Chairman isn't here too. And Beans. :)

Feb 15, 2015

The Heirs

The Heirs, one of my mom's fave because she's a fan of Lee Min Ho. I know, weird. As for me, I don't like it. I have quite a lot of rants about this. The only saving grace of this show is the performance of the supporting cast.

The lead roles are a bore. The girl (forgot her name) looks blank the entire length of the show. When she cries or sad (pretty much her emotion the entire show), when she's in love, or happy, or even when she is being kissed by the lead guy, she looks basically the same.

Lee Min Ho (the lead guy) also looks boring or bored when with her. You can notice that when he's interacting with the supporting cast that his demeanor changes, he lights up and is genuinely being funny or cute. Lead girl basically drains the aura out of him. :/

Lee Min Ho being emotionless when lead girl is around. And I don't like this bangs and tan on him. He looks way better without them. Way way better without the bangs.

 One-look wonder. You wonder why she looks basically the same in every situation.

 A measly $50 got more emotion out of Kim Tan (Lee) than the girl.

The supporting cast is having a party here. Their segment is really more fun than the main story.

Choi Young Do's answer sheet for the midterm exams.

 Choi Young Do's test paper during exam.

Choi Young Do's rank in class. Dang it! Hahahaha. Either he got somewhat lucky with his answers, or Kim Tan is really that dumb.

Choi Young Do snorts at finding out. Nyahaha.

This story kinda reminds me of Hana Dan (F4 - depends on which version you've seen). Rich guy, poor girl, rich guy's school.

But Hana Dan was more fun than this. All the girl here has ever done was cry. Boohoo! Hana Yori Dango was very amusing whichever scene you watch: the leads (couple), the F4, schoolmates, girl's friends/workplace, her family...

The Heirs failed to entertain me. The only thing I am grateful for is that I've discovered Krystal (Lee Bo Na). I've realized after watching that I really enjoyed her performance and that I like her. :D

Amused X Worried

The difference in expressions between the two royal guards when perceiving a possible threat

Even among the ever loyal royal guards of the chimera ant king there is a difference in personalities. Shaiapouf is the serious one, very analyzing. Neferpitou on the other hand can easily be distracted and always on the alert for something amusing to do.

The third royal guard, Menthuthuyoupi, is someone who really doesn't give much thought to things, but relies on his brute strength.

I'm quite envious of Pitou's personality. I'm sure she never gets bored.

In the end, I think only Pouf's personality remained unchanged.

Feb 14, 2015

Dumber Than Domyouji

If you believe the stupid things Domyouji Tsukasa says, then you're more stupid than him!

You're his friend, you should know better than to believe him. LOL.

These guys' skipping school is really showing the effects.