Mar 8, 2012

Poker Face

I've read this in one of my friend's blog: My Anime Lounge, and I just have to share. Funny how his mind works. :)

Anime characters known from wearing a poker face!

#1 On the list is Karasuma Ooji of school rumble
#2. Ulquirra of Bleach
#3. Shino from Naruto
#4. Irumi of Hunterxhunter
#5. Kaname Kuran of Vampire knight
#6.Tezuka of Prince of Tennis for sure he doesn’t show his emotion
#7. L of death note
#8. Heero yuy of Gundam wing
#9. Kazuya Shibuya of Ghost hunt
#10. Last but not the least Hisoka as well of Hunterxhunter

Who would have thought that someone is actually looking at occurance like these while watching anime?

Mar 4, 2012

Beelzebub: Naked Demon Baby

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Can't the baby get some clothes on? Oh, he's been that way from the 1st episode till the last. Oh wait, I haven't watched all the episodes yet. Skipped some I think and haven't finished till the end, but trust me he's always naked as a baby. Oh wait, he is a baby. lol!

This anime's funny. But not something I look forward to watching. It's okay to pass the time with though.

It's about a human delinquent whom the Demon Lord had found to be fitting to raise his son.

It's funny. Here, Beelbo the demon baby was sleep-peeing a river. lol!

Feb 22, 2012

Naruto's Parents

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The recent last 3 episodes of Naruto Shippuden, namely 
247: Target: Nine Tails, 
248: The Fourth Hokage's Death Match, 
249: Thank You, 
were somewhat emotional as we get to meet Naruto's parents.

Naruto was in the land of lightning training to control the kyuubi with the help of the eighth tail jinchuriki, Bee-sama. While battling with the nine-tailed beast, and almost losing, a lady appeared and helped him take control. In a deeper subconscious (since the battle with the kyuubi is already subconsious), Naruto speaks with the lady and asks about her and what she's doing there.

The same way Minato the Fourth Hokage had shown up in a previous episode to stop Naruto from opening the seal, the lady's chakra was also embedded with the seal that locked the kyuubi within the host.

In the three episodes, you can't help but tear up when you learn the whole story of Naruto's parents - their backgounds, how they met, how they became lovers, and how they died. Not to mention of how Naruto was loved, and should have been loved if they had lived. It feels like the opposite of what actually grew up with.

His mom isn't someone you would expect her to be. We've seen her in some of other ninja's flashbacks, or in pictures. But it's different when you actually saw her in action. She even remarked upon hearing Naruto's weird way of speaking that he got it from her. :D The father's looks and the mother's personality. Who would have thought the serious and glorified Minato would marry someone like her.

But she's no fool. Granted, she's no lady in distress, either. She was even the jinchuriki before Naruto, and her clan was made to be jinchuriki hosts. That was why her help was proven useful at this particular time in Naruto's life, all thanks to Minato.

And another thing. She's Uzumaki. Made me wonder why Naruto didn't take his father's name.

So, you go and watch them now. I've already said too much!