Oct 26, 2011

Tsubasa Chronicle

Tsubasa Chronicle, I’ve finally finished it. I started watching that anime years ago, but all I had was a cd containing 2 seasons and a movie (and some episodes weren’t even complete, because I swear there were parts there that was completely confusing).

I used to complain how the story was so unfulfilling because it didn’t have a proper ending. I thought that the end of season 2 was the end, so I was surprised to learn that there were more when I was searching for animes on the internet. So I watched the remaining episodes of Tsubasa, and also the ones that I haven’t watched from my cd.

And you know what my reaction is after finishing it? It’s still unfulfilling! The ending is still hanging, and I promise, I searched for an anime list this time. That was seriously the end. Argh! And not to mention there were seriously parts where it really doesn’t have a chronological flow to the story. The first part of the shunraiki, it shows a big event that happened just prior to the beginning of the episode, but it wasn’t shown on the last episode of Tokyo Revelations. So, still a big “huh?”

Should I recommend you to watch it or not?

Hmm. I’ve watched that cd a lot of times during the span of 5 years I think? And I was ecstatic to learn there were more online. Despite the fact that it has a crappy ending, and some missing pieces, I think it was a good story. I wish someone would continue that story because it’s really hanging by a LOT! 

So, watch it, so we’ll wish for the same together.

PS: The characters are really lovable, especially Mokona!