Sep 18, 2013

Android App and Hunter X Hunter Update

For the past month I have been watching animes, keeping up with Naruto and HunterXHunter. I have an Android app to thank for that, HD Anime. Be sure to check that out. It's like a streaming site, but directly on your mobile phone or tablet. And it has a vast selection of animes to choose from! After I have caught up with Naruto, I'm gonna start out with something new. :)

I have totally surpassed the finale of the old Hunter. As I recall, the last scene was after Gon, Killua and Biske finished the Greed Island game and came back to the "real" world and Gon used a spell card to take him to his father, Ging. On this 2011 version, he took with him Killua and they have arrived at the destination where the card took them. Sadly, and annoyingly for me, Ging wasn't there. Instead, Gon met an old time friend.

Gon and Killua gets to go on a real "hunter" adventure. They get to learn about a new specie and hunt/kill them. This specie, named Chimera Ant, were so dangerous that even Netero (remember that old guy who was in charge of the Hunter Exam?) came to help with the situation.

There are also new characters, friends and enemies alike. There are some enemies that you will admire, and there are some allies that you will hate. :D

Image Credit: animeaura

Can you imagine that Gon went out on a date with this girl? Freaky! And I'm not just judging by the cover. This girl is literally caressing knives. O_O

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