Nov 30, 2015

When The Rich Brat Wants To Make Up

Who wouldn't pity him when you find him standing outside your house with that apologetic look? But then, instead of apologizing, he'd say:

Hahahaha! You'll definitely blurt a big "Eh?" and have a "are you crazy?" look too.

And then the ultimatum. Hahahaha.

Not to mention that he's grabbing your arm when he's spouting these nonsense. Totally no apologizing and forgiving and making up in this situation.

In all fairness, Makino shouldn't have tried walking past him which prompted Domyouji to grab her arm. These two should really need to learn to "talk" despite all the crazy. And by crazy, I mean Domyouji's stupid nonsensical demands. She should try reading between the lines and understand that Domyouji wasn't raised right, therefore he lacked some EQ that would have molded him into a normal loving human. Somehow, his words may sound rough but they do come from his heart. He has good intentions (but only when he truly cares :/ ).

*Hana Yori Dango*

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